East Timor

by Lisa Hayman

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East Timor is one of Australia's nearest neighbours and the worlds newest nation. How much do you know about this country? Use this Knowledge Hunt to investigate further.


  1. Use the in/out slide on the left side of the Dynamic map web page to have a good look around the country of East Timor. What is the capital city of East Timor.
  2. Which European country initially colonized East Timor? Describe the 'diversity of culture' in East Timor.
  3. When did East Timor become 'the worlds newest country? List five industries of East Timor.
  4. Decide on five key moments in Kirsty Sword's life and explain what you think thay are important. Write three questions that you would like to ask Kirsty.
  5. Identify the similarities and differences in education for girls in East Timor and Australia. You may like to use aVenn Diagram to help.
  6. Explain the purpose behind the Alola Foundation.
  7. Identify the ways in which students at Eaglehawk PS have supported Balibar PS

Web Resources Links

Lonely Planet - East Timor
Click on view slide show to see images of East Timor
Dynamic map of East Timor.
Zoom in and out for detail on location.
Kirsty Sword Gusmao: A Dutiful Life
Girl Students in East Timor
The Alola Foundation
A Short history of East Timor
Timeline: East Timor's long path to nationhood

The Big Question

What responsibility do Australians have to support East Timor?

As a class discuss how you might be able to work together to assist children in East Timor.


For further insight into East Timor complete the activities that have been developed on the Through the Eyes of the Children Subject Sampler
To undertake additional research visit the East Timor Hotlist.

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